Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

VJ Pipe Picture Liquid loss due to heat transfer is the biggest problem of transferring cryogenic liquids. Vacuum Jacketed Piping is designed to be the best solution to transfer cryogenic liquids resulting in minimal heat leak. Hager Industries offers design, manufacturing and complete installation of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, the most efficient and economical way to transfer liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and helium through your plant.

Vacuum jacketed Pipe is made up of two pipes, an inner pipe which the cryogenic liquid flows through and the space between the inner and outer pipe provides the area for the vacuum jacket.

A custom Vacuum Jacketed Piping system can be designed for your unique application requirements. The pipe is built to ASME B31.3 Code for Process Piping and installed by our TSSA Audited technician’s. X-50 Foam Insulation is also available for more economical installations. CRN numbers also available.

Our vacuum jacketed pipe services include:

  • Food Freezing
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Electronics Testing
  • Lab Testing Equipment
  • Medical Freezers
  • Industrial Applications
  • Nitro Dosing