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Built to your specification or design, Hager Industries can supply any type of line station or change-over manifold of any configuration for cylinder banking or filling operations. Pressure regulating, bypass or temperature control units are available in brass, copper or stainless steel, as well as bulk-pack units. Pigtail and CGA fittings can also be supplied with manifolds. We can also supply alarms on change-over units. All our units are tested and cleaned and CRN numbers are available. Continue Reading
Conveyors 1

Conveyor Systems

Hager Industries specializes in custom built stainless steel conveyors designed to meet any configuration needed for maximum efficiency. Using CAD, a variety of ideas can be developed until the most effective design is found for existing or completely new product lines. We have extensive experience in the design and fabrication of custom pack-off and high speed packaging systems. Existing conveyors can be modified, repaired or refurbished as required. Continue Reading
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Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Liquid loss due to heat transfer is the biggest problem of transferring cryogenic liquids. Vacuum Jacketed Piping is designed to be the best solution to transfer cryogenic liquids resulting in minimal heat leak. Hager Industries offers design, manufacturing and complete installation of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe, the most efficient and economical way to transfer liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and helium through your plant. Continue Reading
Pressure Pipe 1

Pressure Piping Systems

Whether you need a building expansion or a water line run, Hager Industries has the expertise. Pressure piping systems can be designed and installed with all the required approvals. Hager Industries has an audited TSSA quality system for both shop and field work. Experienced personnel will work with you to determine your needs and then insure the project is completed on time and to your satisfaction. Continue Reading
Exhaust Systems 1

Exhaust Systems

Hager Industries can offer a complete layout design for your fan and ducting needs. All of our systems are designed to allow maximum flow for your particular application. Whether 6" or 20" diameter, horizontal, vertical, or angled in any length, we can give you a turn-key project from design to finished installation. Built out of fully welded galvanized ducting or fully welded stainless steel for food and other industrial applications. Continue Reading
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Plumbing / Drainage

Plumbing of food related plants and industrial applications are a specialty of Hager Industries. We implement projects from the design through to certification, including design and installation of all interior plumbing systems, sewers and drain systems, vents, water piping, fixtures, finishes and related equipment for specific building projects of any scope and size. Hager Industries follows all building and plumbing codes. Employing skilled and certified plumbing professionals. Continue Reading
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Custom Fabrication

At Hager Industries we custom design and fabricate state of the art systems that will increase your production and reduce your costs. Designed on a CAD system and fabricated out of stainless steel, our goal is to offer the maximum equipment in the minimum of space. All equipment can be installed by our feild installation group. Continue Reading
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Civil Work

Hager Industries provides general construction services. We specialize in building production facilities, welfare areas, freezer floors, freezers and coolers. Whether renovating an existing plant, building additions, or starting from the ground up, our expert crew headed by a Hager Industries project manager gets the job done right. We are experienced in dealing with local municipalities, provincial and federal food inspection agencies, to help you get through the permit process. Continue Reading