Conveyor Systems

Conveyor PictureHager Industries specializes in custom built stainless steel conveyors designed to meet any configuration needed for maximum efficiency. Using CAD, a variety of ideas can be developed until the most effective design is found for existing or completely new product lines.

We have extensive experience in the design and fabrication of custom pack-off and high speed packaging systems. Existing conveyors can be modified, repaired or refurbished as required.

Materials & Types of Construction

Open tube and frame construction:
Conveyors built of stainless steel tubing or angle iron is the preferred choice of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for complete hygienic wash downs.

Closed frame construction:
A practical and economical choice conveyor, crafted with stainless steel bent side construction, TIG welded and bolted together.

All conveyors are fully TIG welded with welds cleaned and polished. We also construct conveyors from painted mild steel or aluminum for industries where stainless steel is not a requirement.


Conveyors are specifically built for a variety of belting depending on use. Common belting used includes top brands of plastic, stainless steel, and fabric materials.

Take Ups

Specially designed take-ups satisfy the toughest maintenance crews, allow for easy belt alignment, belt release, and have wash-up durability. All bearings supplied with the conveyor are waterproof.


The power source for your conveyor can be either electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. Electric motors have a variable speed drive option. As an added safety precaution motor covers and chain guards are fully enclosed.

Our custom made conveyors include:

  • Straight
  • 90 Degree Turning
  • Decline
  • Incline
  • Pack-Off
  • Transfer
  • Double Deck
  • Spreading
  • Multi-Lane
  • Inspection
  • Metering
  • Specialty Conveyors
  • Overhead Conveying Systems
  • Cone Lines


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